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Professional & FUN Speaker for Your Next Event

If you are looking for someone and something different for your next event, convention, or meeting, you’ve landed on the right page! I offer a variety of organizational, productivity/time management, energy moving/healing, and feng shui speaking packages that we can customize and tailor to your audience.

“True professional with extensive experience, impressive credentials, and obvious expertise in [her] field. The quality and content of  [her] presentations rival those of nationally renowned experts seen on PBS and Oprah. I wholeheartedly encourage others to take advantage of any opportunity to attend seminars…by Janet. You have nothing to lose except bad habits and unfulfilled goals.”–Mary Clifford, Executive Committee Member of Business and Professional Women/Margaret Brent

“I’ve attended hundreds of motivational seminars, lectures and workshops, from some of the top names in the industry, at a cost of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Yet you’re the first speaker that I’ve felt truly connected with the audience. Your approach to clutter control and time management is unique and destined to make a difference.”– Ros Pike

Getting Started

Hi, I’m Janet Hall and I’ve been teaching and training since the early 70’s. I’m a regular instructor at the College of Southern Maryland in their Personal Enrichment Programs and have spoken for a variety of public and private companies.

If you’d like me to present for your group first you will need to decide what type of educational or training program you would like to offer your group or perhaps choose one that they need. If you need assistance in this process I will be happy to help you. Then we need to decide if you need me at an event live or if you would like to have a teleseminar (class by telephone, similar to a conference call) or webinar (class held via computer and Internet).

To learn more or speak with me please see contact Janet or call 410-586-9440 (nine-four-four-zero)