Rev. Janet Hall’s primary goal is to attend to the need of every client’s health and the health of their spaces. She is a caring person who has dedicated herself to her clients, studies and teaching. Rev. Janet evaluates every client’s needs and desires determining the best plans that will help the client meet their life goals.

She serves as a part-time faculty member for the Personal Enrichment Program and the Corporate Center at the College of Southern MD (CSM) teaching a variety of classes. She also teaches at the Inner Equinox, Healing Hearts Energy Center and a variety of other locations, where she offers healing sessions and workshops one-on-one or in groups.

She is a Master Professional Organizer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Feng Shui Practitioner, healer, Computer, Web Developer and Internet Marketer, author and instructor.

Rev. Janet is ordained in the Order of Melchizedek.


I have studied with and continue my studies with Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine (2006), Nancilee Wydra of the Feng Shui Institute of America (FSIA) (2002), where I’m a certified Feng Shui practitioner and also serve as a faculty member. I’m currently working towards my Feng Shui Master’s designation.

I’m also working on a Bachelor of Science degree in HealTheology at the American Institute of Holistic Theology (2005), am taking classes from the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (2008) to become a certified Raindrop and VitaFlex practitioner and classes with the Quantum-Touch Energy Center (2009) to become a certified Quantum Touch practitioner.

I am a trainer of FSIA’s membership arm, Feng Shui Institute International (FSII) and served as president of FSII 2003-2005 term.

In 2002 I received my certificate in Reiki I, 2003 my Reiki II, and 2008 my Reiki III (Master/Teacher) studying under Sharron Oliver, Reiki Master.

In 2006 I was ordained as a minister under the Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved (non-denomination) by Reverend Dan Chesbro.

Around 2007 I began my home studies of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

In 2009 I completed my studies with John Springer and became one of the first Enchanted Walkabout Facilitators. And I began to take my health and weight more seriously, lost 45 lbs and became an independent health coach for Amazon Herbs and Young Living Oils!

I’m a teacher, author, coach, and healer.


My mission is to help myself and others gain positive energy and keep it balanced and moving, break down obstacles, push through challenges, old beliefs, and other’s opinions for People, Place, and Space to connect and live in harmony, as it was meant to be. I do this through coaching, speaking and writing using a variety of modalities such as Tapping (EFT), Muscle/Energy Checking, Reiki, Quantum-Touch, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, Organizing, Productivity, and Feng Shui.
Author and Creator of:

  •     Sober From Clutter: 12 Steps to Clutter Freedom (Self-Published)
  •     The Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management Guide
  •     The Little Green WHO, WHEN and WHERE Office Management Guide.
  •     Secrets of a Professional Organizer and How-To Become One
  •     How-To Clean and Organize Your Computer
  •     The 5 W’s Of Organizing, a TEASER, and a TICKLE!
  •     Get Honest About Your Bedroom Clutter and FINALLY Get Organized
  •     70 Tips to Get Your Children Organized Before and After School
  •     The Wizard’s Professional Organizers System
  •     Get Rid of Your Bedroom Clutter and Make Everyday a Restful Day
  •     35 Days to Sorting and Organizing ALL Your Home Papers
  •     Feng Shui Your Office for More Clients and Prosperity Home Study Course
  •     Effortless Freedom from Clutter and Debt
  •     5 W’s File or Toss
  •     5 W’s Read or Toss
  •     5 W’s of Attending a Meeting
  •     5 W’s of Planning a Meeting
  •     5 W’s of Prioritizing
  •     5 W’s of Goal Setting
  •     5 W’s of Phone Calls
  •     5 W’s of Drop-By’s